VA, SMM , SEO and now a Teacher?

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Yes, I am! For years now, I am working on with my Baccalaureate Degree.  This is one of the perks of being a freelancer, I had the time to attend classes and worked on my BS Education Major in Mathematics course. Why mathematics? Not that I love mathematics, I have been subjected and immersed in … Continue reading VA, SMM , SEO and now a Teacher?

How to market your business at a lesser budget?

How to market your business a a lesser budget? There are ways for your start-up business to grow big even in a tight budget. You can market your business without spending more money on it. Though these techniques are time consuming but these are all worth it.

The Ripples of Life

The ripples of life reflected from the journey to Calaguas Paradise Resort

However difficult at first, I now look forward for what lies ahead. And when I looked at the ripples; the difficulties of being on my own, rearing my children, guiding them, taking care of them, financing them and making little steps to fulfill their bright future, I can see myself as the boat and God is my captain. And I also have crews at big waves.

The making of your chosen virtual assistant

Social Media Marketing and SEO Specialist

The Making Of Your Chosen VA, How You Can Create One